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We have a new lab! The Helsingborg Safety Hub

– Published 21 February 2024

Car simulator in a wooden box.

Lund University has granted 3 million SEK strategic funding to our division to support the development of a new lab space led by Enrico Ronchi in the domain of safety in Campus Helsingborg, part of Lund University.

The Helsingborg Safety Hub is developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine (Giedre Gefenaite and Kristoffer Mattisson) and Transport and Roads Division (Carmelo D'Agostino).

The goal is to set up a lab for state-of-the-art research in the broad safety domain, including fire safety, traffic safety and GIS-based health and safety studies. The Helsingborg Safety Hub includes an agreement to share equipment between the partners, including a VR setup and a driving simulator.