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The division of Fire Safety Engineering operates and is responsible for a fire laboratory, the Fire Lab, located in the V-building at the Faculty of Engineering. The Fire Lab is used for teaching and for research related to fire safety science.

In the Fire Lab, our students gain practical experience of fire and the opportunity to connect theory to practice in order to achieve a better understanding of phenomena and concepts related to fire science. Researchers, doctoral students and students at the division perform experiments in the lab on a daily basis, which in many cases form the basis for measures in risk management and in updating regulations and guidelines for a safer society.  

The Fire lab also targets external stakeholders such as manufacturing companies, insurance companies, fire consultants, but also industry organizations and authorities for commissioned research. This may mean fire tests in the early stage of development of a building product or studies of fire proporties of existing products.

Over the years, the research assignments have varied both in execution and scope, from small-scale to large-scale fire tests. Some examples of tasks that have been undertaken in the Fire Lab are: 

  • Determination of fire properties and characterization of soot of the 25 most common combustible materials/products at CERN, Switzerland
  • Characterization of combustible radiation protection materials at ESS, Sweden
  • Vinnova project, circular processes for a sustainable construction sector

You can find more information about the different test apparatus and facilities via the links to the right.

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