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Ingason, Haukur

Haukur Ingason is adjunct professor at the Division of Fire Safety Engineering, Lund University. He is also a senior Research Scientist at RISE.

Academic qualifications

  • PhD of Fire Safety Engineering, Department of Building and Environmental Technology, Fire Safety Engineering, Lund University, Sweden. Academic supervisor: Göran Holmsted
  • Master of Science in Civil Engineering (Swe: Väg och Vättenbyggnad, 180 p), Lund University of Technology 1988, Lund, Sweden
  • BSc in Civil Engineering, Taekniskoli Islands in Reykjavik Iceland 

Professional awards:

  • Society of Fire Protection Engineers– Swedish chapter Award 2011
  • SFPE Jack Bono award 2013

Research interests

  • Tunnel fires
  • Industrial fires

Top 5 publications:

  • INGASON, H. & LI, Y. Z. Model scale tunnel fire tests with longitudinal ventilation. Fire Safety Journal, 45, 371-384,  2010.
  • INGASON, H., and Lönnermark, A., "Fire Spread between Industrial Premises", Tenth International Symposium on Fire Safety Science (IAFSS), Virgina, USA, 20-24 of June 2011.
  • Li, Y. Z., and INGASON, H., "The Fire Growth Rate in a Ventilated Tunnel Fire", Tenth International Symposium on Fire Safety Science (IAFSS), Virgina, USA, 20-24 of June, 2011. (Award given to Y.Z. Li as a best student paper).
  • INGASON, H., and Li, Y. Z., "Model scale tunnel fire tests with point extraction ventilation", Journal of Fire Protection Engineering, 21, 1, 5-36, 2011.
  • Li, Y. Z., and INGASON, H., "The maximum ceiling gas temperature in a large tunnel fire", Fire Safety Journal, 48, 38-48, 201

Summary of the most relevant research outcomes from all previous grants:

  • METRO project on design fires on metro systems§  Guidelines for fire fighting in tunnels
  • Guidelines for fire safety during construction of tunnels
  • Guidelines for Swedish Transport Administration for fire safety in road tunnels
  • Concepts for the Layout of a Large Scale Underground Research facility on Safety and Security corresponding with needs from (a) the European Research Community, (b) first responders for training and (c) Operators of underground facilities.
  • Tunnel Fire Dynamics, Tunnelhandbook to be publish by Springer 2015. 

Telephone: +46 10 516 51 97 or +46 703 90 51 97

E-mail: haukur.ingason (a) or haukur.ingason (a)