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Industrial doctoral students

Here you can find information about the industrial doctoral students associated to the Division of Fire Safety Engineering. An industrial doctoral student is employed by a company or research institute but is enrolled at Lund University and has a supervisor at the division. 

NameCompany/Institute Research area/project
Andres, Blanca Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology Fire Tools
Celander, Eva-SaraRISE
Evegren, FranzRISELightweight composites for ships
Lantz, EmilieWest Blekinge Fire and Rescue ServiceRecruitment and retention of volunteer firefighter
Menzemer, LeoDanish Institute of Fire and Security Technology Impact of evacuation training on the required safe egress time in bio-based buildings.
Mossberg, AxelBrandskyddslagetEvacuation in tall buildings and underground facilities
Nystedt, FredrikBRIABRisk based design for fire safety of constructions
Vylund, LottaRISEProblem-solving networks in the fire and rescue services
Wilkens, KonradDanish Institute of Fire and Security Technology 

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