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Graduated doctoral students

Here you can find information about graduated doctoral students at the Division of Fire Safety Engineering in the research field fire safety engineering

NameThesis titleYear
Fredlund, Bertil A Model for Heat and Mass Transfer in Timber Structures During Fire1988
Arif, Ghazi M. Theoretical and Experimental Study of Linear and Nonlinear Behaviour of Plane Structures Subjected to Circulatory Loading1991
Karlsson, BjörnModeling Fire Growth on Combustible Lining Materials in Enclosures1992
Tuovinen, HeimoSimulation of Combustion and Fire-Induced Flows in Enclosures1995
Ingason, HaukurExperimental and Theoretical Study of Rack Storage Fires1995
Andersson, PetraEvaluation and Mitigation of Industrial Fire Hazards1997
Frantzich, HåkanUncertainty and Risk Analysis in Fire Safety Engineering1998
Zhengua, YanNumerical Modeling of Turbulent Combustion and Flame Spread1999
Särdqvist, StefanDemand for Extinguishing Media in manual Fire Fighting2000
Svensson, StefanThe Operational Problem of Fire Control2002
Johansson, HenrikDecision Analysis in Fire Safety Engineering2003
Dederichs, AnneFlamelet modelling of soot formation in diffusion flames2004
Blomqvist, Per Emissions from Fires - Consequences for Human Safety and the Environment2004
Lundin, JohanSafety in Case of Fire2005
Lönnermark, AndersOn the Characteristics of Fires in Tunnels2005
Göransson, UlfDetermination of Material Properties for Fire Modelling2005
Sundström, BjörnThe Development of a European Fire Classification System for Building Products Test Methods and Mathematical Modelling2007
Husted, BjarneExperimental measurements of water mist systems and implications for modelling in CFD 2007
Nilsson, DanielExit Choice in Fire Emergencies2009
Uhr, ChristianMulti-organizational Emergency Response Management - A Framework for Further Development2009
Andersson, BeritFire hazard analysis of hetero-organic fuels - Source characteristics from experiments2009
Abrahamsson, MarcusAnalytic Input to Societal Emergency Management - On the Design of Methods2009
Nilsson, JerryConceptions of Crisis Management Capabilities – Municipal Officials’ Perspectives2010
Hassel, HenrikRisk and Vulnerability Analysis in Society’s Proactive Emergency Management: Developing Methods and Improving Practices2010
Eriksson, KerstinPreparing for Preparedness - Shaping Crisis Planning Processes in Local Authorities2010
Becker, PerGrasping Complexity: Analysing Risk for Sustainable Development2010
Johansson, NilsFire Dynamics of Multi-Room Compartment Fires2015
Fridolf, KarlRail Tunnel Evacuation2015
Wahlqvist, JonathanNumerical modeling of the coupled feedback between pool fires and their environment2018
Runefors, MarcusFatal Residential Fires: Prevention and Response2020
Gehandler, JonatanFire Safety Design of Road Tunnels2020
Vermina Plathner, FridaLimiting Conditions for a Sustained Flame over Condensed Fuels - Analysis by Experiments and Stagnant Layer Theory2020
Livkiss, KarlisFires in Narrow Construction Cavities - Fire Dynamics and Material Fire2020
Bhargava,  AbhishekFire Behaviour of Selected Polymeric Materials - Numerical Modelling and Validation Using Microscale and Bench Scale Test Methods2020
Kerber, StephenUtilizing Research to Enhance Fire Service Knowledge2020
Arias, SilviaApplication of Virtual Reality in the study of Human Behavior in Fire: Pursuing realistic behavior in evacuation experiments2021
Andres Valiente, BlancaA multi-scale approach for predicting the fire response of building barriers2021