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The first lab in the new course in fire investigation has just been completed. The students will learn to apply their knowledge of fire dynamics and simulation to investigate fires. They will also learn generic skills of accident...[more]


It is a pleasure for us to announce that Margaret McNamee is appointed as professor in Fire Safety Engineering with focus on fire and the environment and fire chemistry. Margaret comes most recently RISE as Chief Technology...[more]


The division of Fire Safety Engineering has been represented at the European Symposium on Fire Safety Science (ESFSS) in Nancy, France, September 12-14. This was the third ESFSS and a total of 140 researchers...[more]


The Department of Fire Safety Engineering at Lund University is launching the third edition of the online course “Fire Evacuation Design”. The course content covers different behavioural theories and concepts concerning fire...[more]


A Virtual Reality experiment on evacuation took place in the Fire Lab during the summer, in the context of a PhD thesis. Researchers at the Division of Fire Safety Engineering fitted a VR hotel room in a 4x4 m2 area in our lab,...[more]


Professor Longhua Hu visited the division of Fire Safety Engineering during last week. Professor Longhua is Director Assistant at the State Key Laboratory of Fire Science (SKLFS) in China. During his visit Professor Longhua...[more]


The Faculty of Engineering recently published an article about the research Dr. Enrico Ronchi has conducted on wild fires. Read about it (in Swedish) here.[more]


The EU have extended our joint Erasmus programme for another 4 years with 48 scholarships meaning 12 each year. This gives a stable situation of the program for the coming years! The IMFSE programme is jointly offered by Ghent...[more]


On Friday, Jonathan Wahlqvist defended his PhD thesis: "Numerical modeling of the coupled feedback between pool fires and their environment". The opponent Pascal Boulet, University of Lorraine and examination committee,...[more]


During a reception at the NFPA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, a project that describes a novel framework for modeling wildfire urban evacuations was awarded the 2018 Fire Protection Research Foundation Medal. The project was...[more]


Jonathan Wahlqvist will defend his PhD thesis Numerical modeling of the coupled feedback between pool fires and their environment on June 15 at 13:00 a.m. in lecture hall V:D, V-huset, John Ericsson väg 1, Lund, Sweden....[more]


Avdelningen för brandteknik kommer det närmaste året att undersöka vilka effekter som olika aktiviteter får inom räddningstjänstens brand- och olycksförebyggande arbete samt inom operativ räddningsinsats vid olika typer av...[more]


Jonathan Wahlqvist has "spikat" (nailed) his PhD thesis at the division of Fire Safety Engineering. Jonathan will defend his thesis "Numerical Modeling of the Coupled Feedback Between Pool Fires and...[more]


Our International Master of Fire Safety Engineering programme (joint with Ghent University and University of Edinburgh) has been highlighted as an EU Erasmus+ programme success story. You can see a short video about the...[more]


There will be presentations of Thesis work on May 28 at the Division of Fire Safety Engineering. The presentations will take place in V:Brand on the third floor in the V-building, John Ericssonsväg 1, Lund. The program in...[more]


Dan Madsen is the new responsible person in the division of Fire Safety Engineering labs. Dan will be in charge of our two fire labs in parallell with his PhD studies at the division. Our fire labs are used extensively in our...[more]


Daniel Nilsson received the Teacher of the Year Award at the Fire Protection Engineering Program, Lund University. The price is given out by the student association BIIF at their April meeting. Daniel har previously...[more]


Avdelningen för Brandteknik är med i styrgruppen för Brandforsks nya forskarskola. Forskarskolan sker i samarbete med MSB och Brandskyddsföreningen. Forskarskolan är ämnad för ”kommundoktorander” inom brandsäkerhets- och...[more]


Avdelningen för brandteknik söker försökspersoner från 20 år och uppåt med körkort som vill delta i ett försök i VR-miljö. Försöket handlar om att agera i en mindre normal situation i en vägtunnel. Du kommer att använda ett sk...[more]


För att höja kvalitén och trovärdigheten inom ingenjörsområdet brandberäkningar har föreningen för brandteknisk ingenjörsvetenskap (BIV) organiserat en Round Robinstudie inom CFD området. En Round Robinstudie inom...[more]

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