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The fifth Nordic FDS user group meeting will be hosted by Lund University on October 24. The purpose of this workshop is knowledge sharing in the fire engineering community when using FDS for modelling of fires and for modelling...[more]


We are happy to welcome Erik Smedberg as new PhD student at the division of FSE. Erik is supervised by Dr. Ronchi and his research will be focused on human behavior in fire and the use of virtual reality in evacuation research....[more]


Denna vecka har 53 nya brandingenjörsstudenter kommit till Lund! Veckan är full med aktiviteter, bland annat en heldag på Räddningstjänsten Syds övningsplats Barbara![more]


Professor Longhua Hu visits the division of Fire Safety Engineering during this week. Professor Longhua is Director Assistant at the State Key Laboratory of Fire Science (SKLFS) in China. The division currently hold a three-year...[more]


Starting from this August until December 2019, the Division of Fire Safety Engineering hosts Jun Kubota, a research student working at the laboratory of Prof Tomonori Sano at Waseda University. Jun's research relates to...[more]


Silvia Arias is awarded the 2019 Proulx Scholarship. Silvias research includes how Virtual Reality (VR) can be used to study human behavior in fire. By using VR in an experimental setup it may be possible to study human...[more]


The division of Fire Safety Engineering, Lund University (LU), plan to offer a course in Tunnel Fire Dynamics  to PhD students at LU as well as post-graduate students at other universities and external participants...[more]


The division of Fire Safety Engineering is well represented at the Interflam conference in London! People related to the division is involved in more than 10 papers; furthermore, Patrick van Hees, Margret McNamee and Enrico...[more]


There will be presentations of Thesis work on May 27 at the Division of Fire Safety Engineering. The presentations will take place in V:Brand on the third floor in the V-building, John Ericssonsväg 1, Lund. The program in...[more]


The division of Fire Safety Engineering has an open position for a doctoral student. The position relates to the area of evacuation and the study of people’s behaviour during fire scenarios. In particular, this doctoral position...[more]


During a testing campaign of 20 days, various products as cables, plastics, electrical cards, magnetic coil etc have been tested for characterization of the soot yield, particle matter, heat release rate etc. The campaign is...[more]


LTH Brandteknik har tagit fram en ny broschyr riktad till de som söker in till Högskola/Universitet. Sprid gärna denna broschyr. Det finns även möjlighet att beställa tryckta exemplar genom att kontakta Håkan Frantzich. [more]


Tisdagen den 20/3 presenteras examensarbeten på avdelningen Brandteknik, LTH. Schema och inbjudan hittar du här.Du är hjärtligt välkommen att delta![more]


Dr. Enrico Ronchi has been appointed as reader (Docent). This is proof of his excellence and great knowledge in evacuation modelling and human behaviour in fires. This also means that Dr. Ronchi can act as main supervisor...[more]


Professor Emeritus Göran Holmstedt lämnade den 28 december familj, vänner och kollegor i stor sorg och saknad. Göran har betytt oerhört mycket för utvecklingen av forskningen och utbildningen vid avdelningen och vi är många som...[more]


Tisdagen den 14/1 presenteras examensarbeten på avdelningen Brandteknik, LTH. Schema och inbjudan hittar du här.Du är hjärtligt välkommen att delta![more]


The department of Fire Safety Engineering and the Centre for Ageing and Supportive Environments (CASE) at Lund University got granted a joint 3-year project in the research area of egress (that is, exiting a building in case...[more]


During the week from the 5-9 of November, the workshop "Physics and Psychology of Human Crowd Dynamics" took place at the prestigious Lorentz Center in Leiden (The Netherlands). The workshop was co-chaired by Dr Enrico...[more]


Kristin Andrée försvarade sin licentiatavhandling "Utrymningshissar och utrymningsplatser utifrån de utrymmandes perspektiv" i fredags den 19 oktober. Efter Kristins presentation blev det en bra diskussion mellan...[more]


Kristin Andrée presenterar sin licentiatavhandling "Utrymningshissar och utrymningsplatser utifrån de utrymmandes perspektiv" kl. 1315 den 19 oktober i hörsal V:D, John Ericssons väg 1, Lund. Opponent är Dr. Jonas...[more]

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