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Today, Abhishek Bhargava successfully defended his PhD thesis: "Fire Behaviour of selected polymeric materials".  Professor Serge Bourbigot, Université de Lille was the faculty opponent. The...[more]


On March 20th at 09.15, Abhishek Bhargava will defend his PhD-thesis "Fire behavior of selected polymeric materials - Numerical modelling and validation using microscale and bench scale test methods". The act will...[more]


This week we have seen two successful PhD thesis defenses at the division. On Wednesday (February 26) Frida Vermina Plathner defended her thesis: "Limiting Conditions for a Sustained Flame over Condensed Fuels - Analysis by...[more]


On February 28th at 09.15, Karlis Livkiss will defend his PhD-thesis "Fires in Narrow Construction Cavities - Fire Dynamics and Material Fire Performance". The faculty opponent is prof. Thomas...[more]


Jonathan Gehandler successfully defended his PhD thesis "Fire safety design of road tunnels" on February 6. Jonathan presented his work and a interesting discussion with the opponent, Dr Brian Meacham followed! The...[more]


On February 26th at 09.15, Frida Vermina Plathner will defend her PhD-thesis "Limiting Conditions for a Sustained Flame over Condensed Fuels - Analysis by Experiments and Stagnant Layer Theory". The act will take...[more]


Today Karlis Livkiss, industrial PhD student at DBI, nailed his PhD thesis, Fires in Narrow Construction Cavities, to the division wall. Karlis will defend his thesis in an open seminar on February 28. More information about the...[more]


Yesterday Marcus Runefors successfully defended his PhD thesis "Fatal Residential Fires - Prevention and Response". The event was open to the public and more than 60 people attended the defense! The opponent was Dr....[more]


On February 6th at 13.00, Jonathan Gehandler will defend his PhD-thesis "Fire safety design of road tunnels". The act will take place in lecture hall V:D (at John Ericssons väg 1 in Lund) and will start with a 30...[more]


On Thursday January 23rd at 13.15, Marcus Runefors will defend his PhD-thesis with the title “Fatal Residential Fires – Prevention and Response”. The act will take place in lecture hall V:D (at John Ericssons väg 1 in Lund) and...[more]


Marcus Runefors will defend this PhD thesis "Fatal Residential Fires - Prevention and Response" in January, but today Marcus nailed his thesis to the division walls. The nailing procedure is an old tradition at Lund...[more]


Måndagen den 13e januari redovisas examensarbeten på avdelningen för Brandteknik. Eftersom det är en fullspäckad dag med totalt 14 examensarbete så kommer presentationerna ske parallellt i två olika salar. Vänligen se schema för...[more]


A Virtual Reality experiment was conducted in the Fire Lab in the scope of a Bachelor thesis project. The experiment aimed to evaluate the effect of radiant heat flux in the perception of realism of the VR environment....[more]


Torsdagen den 12 december redovisas examensarbete på avdelningen för Brandteknik. Vänligen se schema för redovisningarna. Välkomna![more]


Haukur Ingason adjunct professor at the division of fire safety engineering receives the 2020 Sjölin award. The Sjölin Award recognizes an outstanding contribution to the science of fire safety or an advance in the state of...[more]


IPS är en intresseorganisation för processsäkerhet som firade sitt 25-årsjubileum med våra kollegor på Avdelningen för Riskhantering och Samhällssäkerhet den 16 oktober. Besök i brandlabbet var givetvis på schemat som ett...[more]


We are looking for a new phD student in the area of fire safety engineering and risk assessment, connected to natural disasters. In particular, this doctoral position refers to development of methods to evaluate the risk of...[more]


Yajun Huang is a joint supervision Ph.D. student from the University of Science and Technology of China. After Prof. Patrick van Hees’ valuable advice, he have begun a series of flame spread experiments with the help of Dan...[more]


The division of Fire Safety Engineering is very happy and proud that Dr. Enrico Ronchi has been awarded the prestigious Magnusson award by the International Association of Fire Safety Science (IAFSS). Dr. Ronchi will receive the...[more]


Marcus Runefors deltog i en paneldiskussion kring Brand och Nya Risker på brandkonferensen Brand2019 i våras. Nu finns det möjlighet att se hela diskussionen på [more]

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