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Research posters

Department of Fire Safety Engineering and Systems Safety: A Short Presentation of the Fire Safety Research
Validation of egress models: Simulation of Cinema Theatre Evacuations with Simulex, STEPS and buildingEXODUS
Validation of CFD codes: Quality assessment of CFD codes by means of comparison with experimental fire scenarios
Fire spread in school buildings subjected to arson fires: Use of case studies to determine technical deficiencies
Simulation of Smoke Spread Through Small Openings: Use of small-scale experiments to validate FDS for smoke spread to attics
Predicting Smoke Layer Temperature in an Adjacent Room: A correlation derived from multiple CFD simulations
Cultural differences in an evacuation scenario: A study comparing Australian and Swedish responses
Effectiveness and Thermal Breakdown Products of Fire Suppression Agents
Accounting for Arson in Fire Safety Engineering
Immersive Virtual Environments as a Method to Experimentally Study Human Behaviour in Fire
Comparing Full-scale Experiments with Model-scale Experiments to Increase Firefighter Knowledge of Fire Dynamics
FIRE TOOLS - Simulation of Fire Technical Properties of Products and Construction Barriers to Support Efficient Product Development in Industry
A Decision Support Tool for Fire Safety Designers and Rescue Services
Uncertainties in material thermal modelling in fire resistance tests
Predicting smoke layer temperatures in multi-room compartments
Experimental Study on the Fire Behaviour of Rainscreen Façade Mock-ups
Modelling the impact of sky-bridges on total evacuation in high-rise buildings
Horizontal projections as alternative to spandrels for protection against external fire spread
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