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CascEff – EU-7th Framework Programme

Modelling of dependencies and cascading effects for emergency management in crisis situations

The aim of the project is to improve our understanding of the cascading effects in crisis situations to reduce the consequences of escalating incidents in complex environments. In order to do so, the CascEff project will identify initiators, dependencies and key decision points. These will be used to develop an Incident Evolution Tool which will enable improved decision support in escalating incidents, contributing to the reduction of collateral damages and other unfortunate consequences associated with large crises. The project will end in April 2017.

Crowd management, evacuation capacity management and providing relevant information to the public are important aspects of any large accident and important information needs to be available. For this reason, the Department of Fire Safety Engineering will conduct large-scale evacuation simulations in order to increase the understanding on the main issues associated with those types of scenarios.

More information about the project can be found on the project website

Contact persons

Enrico Ronchi
+46 46 222 76 94