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Residential Fires

The department of Fire Safety Engineering is currently involved in a four-year research project together with SP Fire Technology on residential fires. There are 90-100 fatalities in residential fires in Sweden every year that corresponds to about 10 fatalities per million inhabitants. There have been several initiatives in the country during the years to reduce the number of fatalities but so far with limited success. The various conducted efforts and future possible efforts will be analysed in the project in order to find determinates behind residential fires and the effectiveness of different technical measures that can be used to reduce or mitigate the consequences of residential fires.


Nils Johansson
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Marcus Runefors
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Patrick van Hees
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van Hees, P. & Johansson, N. Bränder i boendemiljö - En förstudie från BRANDFORSK, report 3146,  Lund University, 2010.