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Fire Tools is a European Industrial Doctoral Program (EID) jointly funded by European Commission and DBI under the European Union’s (EU) 7th framework program under Marie Curie Actions.

The overall objective of the FIRE TOOLS project is to develop tools for obtaining the fire properties and behaviour on a continuous scale for individual products, composite products and complete systems. FIRE TOOLS will advance the state-of-the art by developing a novel methodology to be used in performance-based fire safety design.

The specific objectives include:

  • Development of methods to obtain relevant material characteristics through mathematical modelling in combination with small or reduced scale testing.
  • Development of a methodology for determination of reaction to fire of building products and building content based on mathematical models and smaller scale fire tests.
  • Development of a methodology for determination of fire resistance of building systems and fire barriers based on mathematical models and conventional fire resistance tests.


Patrick van Hees
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