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Design Fires

Fire scenarios are often quantitatively described and analysed in a performance-based fire safety design. However, since the number of possible fire scenarios are more or less infinite, a quantitative analyse must be limited to representative fire scenarios, i.e., design fire scenarios.

Design fires are very important in fire safety engineering and the division works continuously in different projects with design fires. In the publications presented to the right are some of the work that have been conducted at the division presented. The work provides guidance for selecting design fires and can be used by fire protection engineers doing analyses that involves design fires.


Inital Fires

In 1993 Stefan Särdqvist summaries a large number of full scale tests on different items and under various conditions performed at different laboratories in 1993. The results are available in a report and database

Selecting Design Fires

Leif Staffansson describes a step-by-step method for selecting design fires in a report published in 2010. The report also includes explanations of factors that affect the design fire, as well as relevant calculation methods and references to other relevant sources.

Quantifying Fire Growth Rates

Martin Nilsson and Nils Johansson have used statistical and empirical data in order to determine the effect of arson on the fire growth rate. The work was presented in a paper on the 11th IAFSS Symposium.