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Arson Fires

Almost every day between one and two school fires occur in Sweden. In most cases arson is the cause of the fire. The losses for these arson fires are considerable. According to national statistics supplied by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, 10 to 15% of all fires yearly in Swedish buildings (approximately 11.000) are caused by arson. In school buildings however (schools and nursery schools), it is more than 40% of the yearly 400-500 fires.

The Swedish Fire Research Board (Brandforsk) has financed a 3-year project at the division where technical systems to mitigate and reduce the consequences of arson fires were studied. The project was conducted in collaboration with the fire group at SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. Different technical fire protection systems were evaluated and studied in a cost-benefit analysis in the project. The results from the project have been presented in technical reports and as papers at national and international conferences as well as in international journals.

More information about the project is available on the official homepage (, and in a final report that is available here.


Nils Johansson
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Patrick van Hees
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