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Sven-Ingvar Granemark


Our research engineer and lab technician Sven-Ingvar Granemark retires at the end of April after 48 years at Lund University. 

Sven-Ingvar started out as an instrument maker in 1967. He was a part of the planning and building of the successful fire laboratory at Lund University and with his background as an instrument maker, he was able to manufacture special instruments that have been necessary for various fire experiments. Sven-Ingvar has also taken part in a large amount of both small- and large-scale experiments, for instance several full-scale facade tests, burning of air force fighter jets and burning of farms and houses. During his years at Lund University Sven-Ingvar worked with several distinguished fire researchers, like Prof. Ove Pettersson, Prof. Phillip Thomas, Prof. Sven-Erik Magnusson and Prof. Göran Holmstedt. 

Sven-Ingvar has also be involved in the education. All graduates from the fire safety engineering program in Lund have done laboratories in Fire Chemistry, Fire Dynamics and Active Systems with Sven-Ingvar.

The Department of Fire Safety Engineering wishes Sven-Ingvar all the best for his retirement.