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Representation at the ICASP 11


1-4 August a conference was arranged in Zürich in Switzerland, namely ICASP 11 – Applications of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering. The conference was arranged by the International Civil Engineering Risk and Reliability Association (CERRA) and the theme of the conference was risk and reliability analysis methods and applications in the area of civil engineering systems. Approximately 350 papers and 400 participants from all over the world contributed to the conference. Three contributions from the Department of Fire Safety Engineering and Systems Safety were accepted and presented at the conference:

Johansson, J and Hassel, H. (2011). Geographical vulnerability analysis of interdependent critical infrastructures. Paper presented at ICASP11, 2011-08-03, Zürich, Switzerland.

Björnsson, I. , Thelandersson, S. & Petersen, K. (2011), Probability based assessment of bridge exposed to extraordinary circumstances, Paper presented at ICASP11, 2011-08-04, Zürich, Switzerland.