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PhD Positions in Denmark


Five Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) are offered a position by the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology. The ESRs are to carry out research with focus on creating computing simulation methodologies, tools and models to increase the usability of fire tests conducted on building products and construction elements which act as fire barriers (i.e. real fire tests in laboratory or pilot facilities) by fire properties simulations. More specifically, they will address the determination of the fire properties of building products, content and barriers, in order to assist companies, based on advanced computational models and predictions, to simulate and predict the fire performance of materials, products and structures earlier in their product development processes.

The ESRs will be enrolled in a Doctoral Programme at Lund University with courses concentrated in the initial 12 months of the Programme. The remaining 36 months will be spent at the Danish Institute for Fire and Security Technology and will be focusing on the individual PhD projects (training in research) and participation/ organization of shorter training events in on site or at one of our associated partners. All ESRs will obtain a doctoral degree from ULUND after completing their training (In order to complete the Doctoral Programme each ESR will need to accumulate 100 ECT.)

For more information on the positions, qualifications and how to apply, please see the attached PDF. You may also contact Professor Patrick van Hees (at Lund University) or Fanny Guay (at DBI).

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