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Paper selected for Change the World: One Article at a Time


The division of Fire Safety Engineering is very delighted that the paper "Evacuation of a Metro Train in an Underground Rail Transportation System: Flow Rate Capacity of Train Exits, Tunnel Walking Speeds and Exit Choice" authored by Karl Fridolf (SP), Daniel Nilsson (LU) and Håkan Frantzich (Bengt Dahlgren) has been selected for Change the World: One Article at a Time by Springer. 

The motivation is: "Safety of transport system is of paramount importance, and citizens of the modern world spend increasingly more time inside underground systems like tunnels, subways and metros. This paper studies how people react in case of evacuation which in turn helps us to improve emergency procedures."

The paper was published in Fire Technology in 2015. The publisher Springer has asked all editorial boards to pick one article from their journal that addresses the world’s most pressing challenges. More than 100 journals have presented ground-breaking articles that have the potential to Change the World! You can read more about Change the World: One Article at a Time here.  

If you want to read the paper by Fridolf, Nilsson and Frantzich it is now available as open access until July 15, 2016 here