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Lund University medium scale tunnel for fire safety research


The objective of the new test facility is to provide a unique medium scale tunnel for studying fire dynamics in tunnels. The facility will offer the ability to analyze the burning behavior of products, such as cables and linings, and their missions. There will also be the possibility to evaluate the performance of active systems, such as detectors, sprinklers, and water mist systems, together with the behavior of passive systems, such as facades and insulation boards. Furthermore, it will be possible to study smoke and fire spread in tunnels (e.g.ventilation strategies)as well as evacuation strategies.The goal is to offer tunnel operators and suppliers a facility to do research on products, fire safety strategies, and fire protection systems in order to validate the outcome before implementation.

The tunnel structure will use standard freight containers attached together to facilitate the research needs. Protective linings will prevent damage in areas subjected to high fire exposure.

The following measurement devices will be included in the facility:

  • CO, CO2,and O2analyzers for HRR measurement
  • An FTIR analyzer to measure other types of gases, such as HCl, HCN, HF, HBr and NOx, by using IR technology
  • Smoke measuring systems for opacity measurementBidirectional probes, pressure transducers, thermocouples, and heat flux meters
  • Load cell set-up for mass loss

The medium scale tunnel will be constructed during 2018.

For further information, please contact Professor Patrick van Hees or Dan Madsen, Fire Safety Engineering, Lund University, Sweden.