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Interflam 2013


This week the 13th International Fire Science and Engineering Conference (Interflam) was arranged at the Royal Holloway College University of London, UK. The Department of Fire Safety Engineering and Systems Safety was represented by both PhD students and senior researchers, who in total presented four papers and four posters. The publications are available here:


Simple Ceiling Jet Correlations Derived from Numerical Experiments, by Nils Johansson, Jonathan Wahlqvist and Patrick van Hees

Selecting Occupant Scenarios for Deterministic Fire Safety Engineering Analysis, by Rita Fahy and Daniel Nilsson

The Impact Of Smoke on Walking Speed, by Karl Fridolf, Kristin Andrée, Daniel Nilsson and Håkan Frantzich

Risk And Uncertainty in Current Practice on Structural Design for Fire Safety, by Fredrik Nystedt and Håkan Frantzich


Immersive Virtual Environment as a Method to experimentally study human behaviour in fire, by Kristin Andrée, Daniel Nilsson and Max Kinateder

<media 162417>FIRE TOOLS - Simulation of Fire Technical Properties of Products and Construction Barriers to Support Efficient Product Development in Industry</media>, by Abishek Bhargava, Karlis Livkiss, Frida Vermina Lundstrom, Konrad Wilkens, Blanca Andres Valiente, Patrick van Hees, Berit Andersson, F. Guay and D. Lauridsen

Accounting for Arson Fires in Fire Safety Engineering, by Martin Nilsson, Nils Johansson and Patrick van Hees

Comparing full-scale experiments with model-scale experiments to increase firefighter knowledge of fire dynamics, by Stefan Svensson and S. Kerber