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Impressions from the Human Behaviour in Fire Symposium 2015


On the 28-30th of September, 2015, the 6th International Symposium on Human Behaviour in Fire took place at the Downing College in Cambridge, UK. The Symposium included the presentation of 53 technical papers and 14 poster papers. The topic addressed in the symposium covered a broad variety of sub-areas of human behaviour in fire, including conceptual modelling of decision making, novel approaches to human behaviour research, evacuation flow dynamics, evacuation modelling, means of egress and accessibility, way-finding, culture influence, response behaviours, human behaviour in dwelling, evacuation of vulnerable populations and egress speed analysis.

The Division of Fire Safety engineering provided a significant contribution to the conference. Dr Daniel Nilsson (together with Dr Max Kinateder from Brown University) presented a Keynote talk entitled "Virtual Reality experiments - The future or a dead end?" in which insights on the capabilities and limitations of Virtual Reality for evacuation research have been presented. Dr Nilsson also moderated a discussion panel on the ethical boundaries of empirical research in this area. A total of 12 paper presentations and 2 posters were also co-authored by researchers at the Division, which made us the most represented research group at the conference.

The Symposium was an amazing opportunity to share our latest research activities with the human behaviour in fire community.