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Dr. Nils Johansson has been granted a 2-year young researcher grant by the Swedish Civil Contingency Agency (MSB).  Nils will study how fire dynamics models can be can used by emergency...[more]


Vi har redovisningar av examensarbeten den 14 december, 2015. Se bifogad inbjudan för mer information! Redovisning av examensarbete brandteknik[more]


Fyra studenter från avdelningen för Brandteknik presenterade sina examensarbeten vid konferensen Brandskydd 2015 i Upplands Väsby. Studenterna presenterade posters vid den välbesökta utställningen och höll även ett kort föredrag...[more]


The research project "Ascending evacuation in long stairways: Physical exertion, walking speed and behaviour" has now been completed. This project investigated the effects of fatigue on walking speeds, physiological...[more]


Dr Enrico Ronchi and Dr Daniel Nilsson at the Division of Fire Safety Engineering have recently authored a chapter in the book "Evacuation Modelling Trends" edited by A. Cuesta, O. Abreu and D. Alvear. The book covers...[more]


In the week of 18-23 October, the technical committee ISO TC92 Fire Safety met at NIST in Gaithersburg, USA. Prof. Patrick van Hees, chair of TC92, and Daniel Nilsson, chair of Sub Committee 4 (SC4) on Fire Safety Engineering,...[more]


On November 23rd, the Division of Fire Safety Engineering at Lund University invites you to the final seminar of two research projects recently finished: “Use of safe refuge areas” and “Ascending evacuation in long stairs”. See...[more]


On the 28-30th of September, 2015, the 6th International Symposium on Human Behaviour in Fire took place at the Downing College in Cambridge, UK. The Symposium included the presentation of 53 technical papers and 14 poster...[more]


Avdelningen för brandteknik deltar i ett projekt som studerar tekniska orsaker till dödsbränder i bostäder. Projektet leds av SP Fire Research och har kommit en bra bit på väg och nu välkomnas du att ta del av de första...[more]


The division of fire safety engineering participated in Kulturnatten (the Culture night) that was held in Lund on Saturday (September 19). Several different small fire experiments (e.g. a fire whirl, pre-mixed flame and methane...[more]


Dan Madsen is a new doctoral student that will work in the research area of smoldering fires within the EMRIS-project. The research at the EMRIS-project will be aimed at improving the knowledge both on smoldering mechanisms and...[more]


Our People pages have been updated and we have now added a list of graduated doctoral students in the research subject: "Fire Safety Engineering". You can also find links to more information about the...[more]


The refurbished fire laboratory at the department is currently undergoing calibration before our students arrive in the first week of September. The first laboratories will be on flame heights with our 1st year students in the...[more]


Marcus Runefors has been appointed Lecture (Universitets adjunkt) at the department. In addition to teaching, Marcus will continue his postgraduate studies at 50%. Furthermore, Nils Johansson has been...[more]


Lund University was represented at the European Symposium on Fire Safety Science (ESFSS) by five persons from the department of Fire Safety Engineering. The symposium was held in Nicosia, Cyprus on June 16-18....[more]


The 12th International Symposium on Fire Safety Science will be hosted by the Division of Fire Safety Engineering June 12-16, 2017. The Symposium is the premier fire safety science meeting in the world and has been...[more]


Karl Fridolf "spikade" (nailed) his PhD thesis today at the department of Fire Safety Engineering. Karl will defend his thesis "Rail Tunnel Evacuation" on June 12. Please see the here for more...[more]


On the 28th-30th of September, 2015, the 6th International Symposium on Human Behaviour in Fire will take place at the Downing College, Cambridge, UK. The Department of Fire Safety Engineering is involved in an impressive number...[more]


Vi har redovisningar av examensarbeten för Brandingenjörsprogrammet och Civilingenjörsprogrammet i riskhantering den 22 maj, 2015. Samma dag har vi även redovisningar för våra studenter på Erasmus Mundus programmet i Fire...[more]


On June 12, Karl Fridolf will defend his doctoral thesis Rail Tunnel Evacuation. The defense act is publicly open, and starts at 13.00 in E:1406, E-huset, Ole Römers väg 3, Lund. Faculty opponent is Dr. Karen Boyce, Senior...[more]

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