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The Fire Protection Engineering program on bachelor level was started in 1986, and the Department of Fire Safety Engineering was the key to the establishment of the program. The department is today responsible for the majority of the courses taken by the students at the program, and since 1986 more than 650 fire protection engineers have graduated from Lund University. Since 2001 the department is also the key department in an education program in Risk Management and Safety Engineering offered by Lund University on a masters level. Today more than 200 students have graduated from the program.

In 2010 the department, together with Ghent University and the University of Edinburgh, launched an international two-year educational program in Fire Safety Engineering on a masters level. The students spend the second semester in Lund, where emphasis lies on enclosure fire dynamics, risk analysis and human behaviour.

More information about the education and research conducted at the department is presented in the articles below. Unfortunately, only two of them are available in english.

Brandingenjörsutbildningen på teknsik högskola (Jönsson)

Ten years of university education of fire protection engineers - how was it born? (Pettersson, 1996)

Fire Engineering Research and Education at LTH (Pettersson, 2000)

Svenska ingenjörer eftertraktade (Dahlén, 2002)